• Design with and for Multiple Stakeholders

    Pre-Master course at University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e)

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The market of products for elderly is expanding; not only has the life expectancy increased in the recent years, the EU has made care for elderly a focus point in 2019. (European Commission, 2018) Additionally, more and more elderly are learning to use technology, (Anderson & Perrin, 2017) which leads to an increased demand of digital products for the senior population. Not surprisingly, elderly healthcare has become a growing market in recent years.

Game Solutions Lab (GSL) is our client during this project and a company that answers this demand through digital applications. GSL produces a wide variety of serious games & gamified apps, and works with clients from different domains to influence the behavior of people and organisations in a playful and impactful way. To develop a general understanding of their multi-stakeholder market, we conducted literature research, interviewed and observed stakeholders, and worked with various stakeholder tools.

Client case
During this project, we attempt to solve the client case formulated by GSL. This was initially stated as: How can we design for social and playful interactions that make elderly (and other people) feel more comfortable with interactive and intelligent technology? To specify the case, we interpreted the client case as follows: How can we make technology easier to use by incorporating a sense of self efficacy and seamless interaction in the design? Elderly people are intelligent and usually capable adults, and simply have difficulty with learning specific new technologies. We therefore think that they need technology that gives them a sense of control. Caretakers are considered to be important stakeholders, since they are essential in bridging the gap between elderly and technology. They provide instructions and help, and could improve their care with the help of data that has been gathered with the apps.

Students: R.R. Zhang, W. Audenaerd, M. Hilderink, A. Steemers

Anderson, M., & Perrin, A. (2017). Technology use among seniors. Washington, DC: Pew Research Center for Internet & Technology.

European Commission. (2018). The 2018 ageing report economic and budgetary projections for the EU member states (2–14).

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