• Design Through Public

    Research Project at Adaptive Mobility
    at University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e)

    Open squad description

Technology is changing rapidly, making the society get in touch with designs and technologies of which it has not taken an opinion in yet. I believe, it is the responsibility of a designer to query all layers of society about these changes and create the desired future together. As an answer for the need for measurable new ways to evaluate user experiences, Design Through Public enables both designers and the public to interact with each other in an easy accessible way. Several games are developed in which the public can share their user experiences. Designers are empowered to present their visions in an early stage of their design process, gather reactions and analyze them with clear visual tools. The platform serves as a tool that designers can access and use to iterate on their visions.

Are you willing to contribute to our desired society?

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Project Coach: Simone de Waart

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