• mobi

    Design Project at Designing for Growing Systems in Home
    at University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e)

    Open squad description

The amount of mobility services around the world is increasing. As a result, many people do not know which services exists and which suits the best according to their personal preferences. We believe people will travel in a more dynamic way in the future which results in a need for a new approach towards personal transportation. With the key pillars -personalised exploration and perceived freedom- in mind, a family of three artifacts was designed. Mobi enables the user to explore new means of transports together with their own vehicles. By using preset preferences mobi gives the user the three best mobility options for appointments. Once disturbances occur in the pre booked trip, mobi will notify the user in a pleasing physical way. In addition, mobi is your new motivator for reaching your goals with respect to mobility. The whole process can be monitored and adapted in mobi’s mobile application.

Students: E. Knoester, A. M. Nordenström Jung, D. Noordman, W. Audenaerd
Project Coach: Joep Frens
Experts: Pieterjan Oomen & Rens Meyer
Client: Valtech

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