• Leaveit.

    Design Project at Adaptive Mobility
    at University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e)

    Open squad description

The change in human behaviour due to COVID-19 accelerates the developments within the field of retail. Smart mirrors, lockers, interactive displays and other new features are entering the physical stores. Retailers tend to focus on the integration of data driven systems in their physical stores as an extension piece for their e-commerce platforms. This created link between on- and offline shopping experiences is called omni-channelling. In the latest research and development of omni-channels, the trend of focusing on new technologies to identify consumers is spotted.

With Leaveit, another perspective is added to this discourse. Instead of focussing on identifying and linking consumers to e-commerce profiles with the perspective of the retailer, Leaveit comes from the consumer itself. Leaveit provides the consumer control over their shopping behaviour data while increasing the possibilities of personalised shopping experiences.

Check in, experience a personalised shop and delete your generated data.

Project Coach: Simone de Waart
Experts: Renske Jongbloed & Mark Asssies
Client: Valtech

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