• Lick & Win

    Project at University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)

“Desperate Apple fanatics in China try to sell their KIDNEYS in order to pay for latest iPhone 6s in scary new trend
Two men tried to sell their kidneys in China recently in order to pay for their Apple iPhone 6s’. This comes after jokes about having to sell a kidney to pay for the pricey new smartphone has been widely circulated on Chinese social media networks, reported People’s Daily Online. Worryingly, desperate Apple fanatics selling kidneys for iPhones seems to be a growing new trend in the country.”


How far will you go to ‘fit in’? Lick & Win is a response to the above newspaper article. Where one sells organs to fulfill its needs in China, it is out of the question to do so in the Netherlands. Lick & Win is the western, easy accessible visualization of the comparable dilemma experienced by the Chinese youth. Are people willing to suffer for hours in a public space to get a hold of the newest iPhone?

Lick & Win searches for the stretch between desire and personal boundaries. Is the desire so big that one will embarrass himself in public space? Are you stepping out of your comfort-zone to fulfill your desire?

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