• May I Ask You a Question?

    Graduation Project at University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)

Technology nowadays is changing rapidly, making the society get in touch with facts they do not have taken an opinion in yet. Is the innovative look of a designer desired?

Among other things, I dare to expose my freedom as a designer to the society in my work. An unconscious interaction arises, resulting in a critical view on the frequently forgotten ethical behaviour of the modern-day designer.

‘May I ask you a question?’ bridges the gap between the society and the designer concerning ethical issues towards innovations. A clear view arises by exposing the user of the installation to modern-day ethical dilemmas, criticising the freedom of movement and responsibility of the designer as well as the user.

By asking questions about for example self-driving cars, alcohol-free beer and the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, awareness about the ethics of innovations by the user arises. It is often not possible to answer ethical questions in black and white. I however force the user, by means of a physical action, to answer the question and to choose between ‘black’ or ‘white’. A collaboration will be caused between our emotions or feelings (the Limbic system) and human rationality (driven by the Neocortex).

The accordance between users themselves and the designer is displayed by the sum of all given answers.


Nominated for YOUNG BLOOD AWARD 2018 – GOGBOT Festival 2018

Dutch Design Week 2018 – DDW Embassy of Health

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