This paper challenges a new way of validating movements according to the OSAS system based on OSAS Quality Criteria, by using a Microsoft Kinect V2 Depth Sensor. Currently accessing movements with the OSAS system is very time consuming. In cooperation with a rehabilitation center, this research is focused on making the process of assessing more time efficient. Within this study several pilot tests are conducted to create a baseline measurement in using the Kinect V2 for the OSAS system. A pilot test has been conducted by applying Kinect V2 into the OSAS assessment activity. The data of the joint positions of the upper extremity was gathered and the activity was recorded during testing. The data of the Kinect V2 is inspected by comparing it with the recorded video. Since the highest accuracy of detecting a movement during the pilot test is 63,0%, it is argued that the Kinect V2 is a system with potential, but it needs future research to be a sufficient addition to the OSAS system. 

Students: J. Li, D. Noordman, W. Audenaerd
Project coach: Daniel Tetteroo
Client: Adelante

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