How will future human transport be different from today? Digitalization and sustainability around the globe have a strong impact on the products and systems users demand from the provider. Now that connected vehicles are becoming the norm, there are new business opportunities in the mobility industry to answer a rising user demand: mobility-as-a-service. This project explores the future of shared mobility by presenting a vision. The use of phygital interactions to create coherence between digital and physical interactions with mobility services are central. As a result, business opportunities were found and a fictitious company: SCHØPKE was founded. SCHØPKE enables you to use the physicality of your smartphone as a master key for all mobility options. From public transport to shared cars and e-scooters, the concept provides one single interface to interact with during your journey. Mobility that is all about you, SCHØPKE.

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Project Coach: Simone de Waart

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